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Consider the endless options for styles of jeans, washes, and fits – the dream of being able to create a thousand different looks with just one pair of jeans is possible.

Gone are the days of the wide leg and boot cut. Now we have an interesting variety of styles that can adapt to any particular event you are looking for. With flared pants back in action alongside typical high-waisted, skinny, boyfriend jeans, choosing a style has become as important as choosing a wash.

Jeans are one of the few pants that you can wear to not wash immediately after using them. Many jeans lovers know that the more you wash them, the more wear and tear they can suffer. Sometimes wear and tear is the goal, in which case wash! But, for those who want to take care of them, the idea of ​​washing them after each use seems crazy.

The darker and more elegant the denim, the more opportunities you will have to show it off at formal venues or events, including the office. It will also look great and a great plus: it is one of the most comfortable clothes you will wear.